Welcome to Kentucky Brotherhood

KBR is a group of passionate individuals that ride bicycles around the state of Kentucky to honor the state's fallen First Responders and their families. KBR riders are made up of Firefighters, Police Officers, EMS Personnel, and family of a fallen brother or sister.

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2023 Kentucky Brotherhood Golf Scramble

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2023 Kentucky Brotherhood Ride

July 19 - July 22

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2022 Ride

KBR2022 will start in Georegtown on July 20 and end in Henderson on July 23. KBR will make stops in Lawrenceburg, Shepherdsville, Cloverport, Henderson, and various cities and towns along the way. The ride will cover approximately 400 miles while honoring 28 fallen First Responders from 2021.

Why We Ride

Each year the Kentucky Brotherhood Ride will honor Firefighters, Police Officers, EMS Personnel, Corrections Officer, and K9's who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Donate Now!

Please consider a tax deductible donation to the Kentucky Brotherhood Ride. Funds donated to this ride will go directly to support for the ride and to make a contribution to the families of the fallen we are riding for.

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